Decided to reach out to Tina through BP after reading a few reviews on here seeing as I was encountering some lower back pain. Easily contacted her, and after some back and forth due to scheduling conflicts I arranged to see her in the early evening. I arrived at her location (not exactly the most upscale) through the standard two call process. I was greeted at the door by Tina, and she was as she describes herself in her ads. After a few minutes of getting to know each other, she showed me around her apartment and then showed me to the massage table. She then placed some traditional music on and the massage began. There was no draping required, and I soon found that she, like me had completely disrobed. The massage was excellent covering all of the areas which needed relief. On the flip she had me slide down to the end of the massage table, where she explained how she was “opening my veins. ” This was quite the experience, and I wish that this was a more common practice among body rubs. Either way, I left extremely happy and relieved, the only downside was the location.

Would most likely repeat.

Total Coinage: 150.